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Natural, sustainable and chemical-free soaps are hard to find locally; so Geelong tattoo artist Scott Hay made some himself.

When you imagine luxury, your mind may not immediately turn to the bathroom. But that’s exactly where Highton resident Scott Hay, co-founder of Lather Lust, believe relaxation and rejuvenation begins.

After seeing pictures of handmade soap bars gracing social media back in 2018, Scott was inspired by the creativity that could go into creating different soaps, both on the design front and when it comes to ingredients that you’re putting on your body.

A professional tattoo artist by trade, Scott only moved to refresh traditional handmade soaps earlier this year with his new luxury bar soap venture, Lather Lust, after the pandemic highlighted that washing your hands is pretty darn important.

“2018 just wasn’t the right time to start a new business venture as I was already very busy in the job role I was in,” Scott explains.

“Fast forward three years and here we are, the time is right and what better way to start a soap business than during a pandemic? Hygiene is so important in general, but even more so during the type of pandemic we have been faced with since it began.”

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Bringing the importance of hygiene into sharp relief, the timing of the launch has allowed Scott and his three co-creators to bring a little bit of joy to the simple act of washing, making handwashing and bathing a more luxurious experience.

While commercially available soaps can be harmful to your skin, filled with chemicals and artificial preservatives that may dry out and damage your skin, Lather Lust does the exact opposite. Made from skin-friendly and organic ingredients, Scott’s soaps are gentle on your skin, eco-friendly, and help retain the essential oils in your skin to keep it fresh, young, and soft.

Our premium handmade soap is made by us, for you. Using only quality ingredients to give you an experience like no other. Combined with our teams outstanding customer service; that will keep you coming back for more!

forte 06.10.2021